Thursday, March 16, 2006

let them eat salmon

last night my mother and i went to a lecture on herbal remedies and allergy prevention. i learned that everything i eat is wrong for me. oh, really?

as a seasonal allergy sufferer, i would be wise to build my immunity by eating omega 3 fatty acids and avoiding sugar. instead, i eat sugar like it's my job and i have fish four times a month if i'm lucky. this week in particular has really taken the cake (literally).

so tomorrow night a few friends are coming over and the meal is going to be like an omega 3 and antioxidant blowout, in a probably misguided attempt to remedy the situation in just one evening. salmon* in a saffron sauce, beet and feta salad, asparagus, and homemade strawberry sorbet.

in the meantime, i'm resisting the urge to perform a wholesale renovation on our place before tomorrow. i'm the kind of person who would stay up all night painting one insignificant wall a different color in anticipation of company coming, and then forget to clean the bathroom for them.

* the fish in this image is obviously not salmon. it is tuna that d and i bought off of a fisherman and grilled with fresh rosemary from "our" garden on the greek island of hydra last fall.

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