Friday, April 28, 2006

farewell dinner

April 2006 012
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this week sounded really bad on paper: left job, had oral exam on thucydides and herodotus, responsible for initiating class discussion on marx, etc.

but it turned out to be rather a lovely week - the weather was spectacular, not having to work meant i could really prepare for my oral, and on tuesday i was able to get together with my mom for pizza in her back garden, followed by dinner wed. at our house with justin, coralie, spenser, and amy.

our excuse for gathering was the end of my contract, and by that night i was largely over my monday malaise (though no more prepared to deal with four free days a week). with the exception of a fairly unappealing fava (a santorinian split pea appetizer), the meal was yummy: d grilled feta with peppers and onions, coralie brought a wonderfully grassy small-batch cheddar and spicy crackers, and i improvised a vegan-friendly risotto with baby portabellas, canellini, edamame and scallions which drew did a mean job of tending (the only downside of risotto - all that broth-adding and stirring). served the risotto with an avocado and orange salad on spring greens, and finished the whole thing off with a homemade cantaloupe, strawberry and basil sorbet and grilled pineapple. simple and good.

oh, and they brought us a bottle of evan williams single barrel bourbon. so good that it's going camping with us and drew's parents this weekend. but i might not share.

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loving the writing! need more!