Friday, April 21, 2006

o, those bunny ears

today is the first not-so-gorgeous day we've had in a week. last weekend was supposed to be rainy and dreary, and instead easter was as it ought to be: gloriously sunny and warmish. my mom and godmother came over to for brunch: a salmon and new potato frittata (don't tell them the salmon was left over from tea sandwiches the week before), spinach and pear salad with an orange-champagne dressing, hot cross buns courtesy of my mom, and tsimmes, because i haven't been to a seder in too long and i missed that traditional passover dish of carrots and dried fruit. (i also miss charoset, but didn't have the time to make it.)

the real kicker was a divine ambrosia cake - layers of yellow cake, orange curd, and coconut frosting - that my mom brought in honor of the uber-kmotra's birthday. wowzer. that combined with an unending procession of marshmallow peeps, chocolate-peanut butter eggs, jelly beans and m&m's just about did us all in.

tonight d's parents are coming over for dinner - i'm thinking i'll make sake-wasabe pork chops and grilled asparagus. but no cake, alas. and no bunny ears.

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