Friday, April 14, 2006

sausage tacos (ewww)

so, remember how this was supposed to be a blog about DINNER? i clearly started it before i ran into my current state of profound, soul-sucking burnout. cooking? who cooks anymore? (making tea sandwiches and pumpkin bread from a mix for last weekend's book club meeting really did not count.)

this week, i made dinner once, but that was only because i felt sorry for d, who has been responding to my queries of "what did you have for dinner?" with really tragic replies like, "a banana. and a salad." i've literally not been home an entire evening this week.

well, i threw together some chicken sausage tacos that were tasty despite being almost entirely canned (and having a vaguely unsavory name - see for more information than you really needed to know).

but this weekend i'll get back into the kitchen as we're hosting easter brunch at our humble little abode.

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