Thursday, August 31, 2006

productive procrastination

after seeing this on etsy yesterday, i thought, "hey, i've got some amazonite beads and some wire. maybe i can make that." so instead of working on the paper i have due tonight, this morning i made this. it needs work, but i think i'll give it to my mom as an engagement gift. yeah, i may be the world's worst procrastinator, but at least i get other things done, here at the Short Attention Span Theater (to use a marigan phrase).


spenser villwock said...

where do you tuck the pokey ends of the wire? also, is it all one piece?

butimeanwell said...

Pokey ends are tucked into the nest itself, thereby rendering them less pokey. I made a version with sterling wire yesterday where I actually wrapped the pokey ends up and over the nest, so it looks more like the etsy version, but I think I like it better with them tucked into the nest...and yep, it's all one piece: started with the amazonite beads themselves, and then started winding the nest, then shaping the ring.