Monday, November 06, 2006

recapping october

wowzer it's been a long time since i've written. of course lots has happened in the past month or so, including two weddings. in early october we flew to san diego for d's cousin tiff's wedding. we were there for five days or so, and able to visit the insanely wonderful san diego zoo, home of the free-range peacock and other anomalies. we also took a behind-the-scenes tour of sea world, where tiff works, and met some fairly awe-inspiring beluga whales.

lastly, but not chronologically, we went to san diego mission, which is pretty much ground zero of western american catholicism. it's a gorgeous place. i probably shouldn't mention the cigars we got in old town san diego for tiff's wedding party; they ended in ignominy for some of us who shall remain nameless. suffice to say, anise-flavored tobacco and an open bar are an unhappy combination for the novice cigar-smoker.

ok, then my mom got married. for those of you keeping score at home, that's three weddings in 13 months for the women of my family - me, my grandmother and my mother. it was a spectacular, moving weekend full of good people, good food, good fun. and e and p were blissfully happy and gorgeous throughout. and i'm happy to report that she is recovering nicely from her baltimore separation anxiety. i go next week to visit them in chattanooga, after another stop in portland.

and that's about it. as for last night's leftovers, they are a sagey turkey meatloaf that i adapted from "joy of cooking" (the edition before this 75th anniversary edition that's just come out), sauteed red cabbage with golden raisins, and pan-fried confetti potatoes with rosemary and lemon juice. not bad for a tuesday night comfort food meal.

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