Sunday, February 25, 2007

jumping the shark

drew asked a trenchant question yesterday as we were passing a horde of punk kids milling around outside a house, instruments and attitude in tow: "we've moved on to the next phase in our lives, haven't we?"

we were on our way home from the portland yard, garden and patio show, having spent a good five and a half hours, not including the hour walk each way, exploring such scintillating topics as "gardening with succulents" and "hardscaping for landscape success." and we were looking forward to a quiet evening of magazine perusal, following an early-bird dinner at the original taco house. so, yeah, i'm going to say we've moved on to the next phase in our lives. so far, it's pretty fun, until i find myself staring wistfully at the live music listings in the paper and wondering if i'll ever go to a club show again. eh, club show, garden show - what's the diff?

tonight we had a little oscar party in our shared house, so i actually do have some leftovers to report. n made vietnamese salad rolls with shrimp and a spicy peanut sauce, so to continue with the hand-food theme, we made tilapia tacos with a yummy, spicy mango salsa. i say "we" because now that we actually have access to a kitchen big enough for two to use, drew has been prepping up a storm in addition to fulfilling his long-standing role as "the person in the house who handles meat-cooking." another phase in our lives together, and very rewarding, might i add.

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love the new blog. ithas been too lomg coming...