Sunday, July 01, 2007

anthropologie house?

i often feel like i'm living in an anthropologie set, but with all of the squalor (cracked plaster, grimy walls, grubby floors) and none of the glamor. so it was a nice surprise when we had a little cookout this weekend, and a few people said, "your house is like an anthropologie house," and meant it as a compliment. i think. i took a few photos of what it looks like today, the morning after the party (hence the kitchen horror). they're interspersed with details from anthropologie catalogs. i'm pretty sure you can figure out which is which.


spenser villwock said...

your house is looking great!

About the girl: said...

Your house is super cute. I LOVE all things Anthropologie and am in the middle of redecorating my house with a similar style. Kudos! :)