Thursday, September 06, 2007

plein air maison

we are topless.

one day on the job and majo, our contractor, and his team have already taken out the majority of the roof, framed out the west dormer, installed major floor joists (to the detriment of our first floor ceilings), and generally caused a fine layer of silt and dust to settle on every surface in the house. woo hoo! and scott and steph are coming to stay with us next week! won't they have fun pretending they're camping instead of staying in a house?

i know this is when the renovation starts getting hard and irritating, but the progress after just one day is a thrill. click here for more photos with descriptions.
in other news, huck had quite the adventure yesterday: he got to spend it in the hospital. he woke up a little before 6 am, threw up and then had a massive seizure that left him first growling and disoriented, then manic. the 24-hour animal hospital affiliated with our vet was terrific with him. they ran a battery of tests and watched him all day, but no real insight. he came home last night looking and acting totally himself, with the addition of a sporty red armband where his IV had been. now we just wait and see if he has another one. grr.

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Mike said...

Oh, no! Not the meringue!

Wherever are you going to find the Michelangelo of egg whites to repair it?!