Monday, December 31, 2007

bad, bad blogger

i don't exactly think of myself as a paragon of stick-with-itness, so i'm not terribly surprised that i've let this little space languish so much this fall. but others (i have readers! who knew?) have noticed that i haven't been all that communicative. thank goodness for the Flickr badge that constantly updates photos here, or my readership would be up in arms, no doubt. well, maybe a little doubt.

anyway, i'll end the year with a rambling post for old times' sake, and because i haven't come up with any other viable new year's resolutions, i'll resolve to write more in 2008, especially as it looks like we'll have some real house momentum again. we've got new stairs to the second floor from the dining room now, so drew can begin construction on the master suite (ooh la la) upstairs, starting with the basics, like a floor that isn't composed primarily of ancient wool insulation and almost-as-ancient mouse skeletons.

we're just back from ten days experiencing christmas southeast-style in chattanooga and atlanta (to which we brought good, portland rain and helped them not break a drought record. you're welcome, atlanta). after too many sweets and too much bourbon, i'm looking forward to a relatively low-key new year's eve tonight with friends and x-country skiing tomorrow at trillium lake, near where we spent a weekend snowshoeing in early december. they've got something like 20,000 feet of new snow, so it will be a gorgeous way to ring in the new year. and a good way to forget, however briefly, about the dustbowl we call home ;-)

much love to everyone we've seen and not seen, talked to and not yet talked to, this holiday season. here's to seeing each other again in the new year!


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