Sunday, November 09, 2008

blogging on demand

our *ahem* readership has become rather vocal of late about the lack of progress on the blog. rest assured, we here at Casa Chaos have become similarly vocal about the lack of progress on the master suite. actually, there's been plenty of progress, but also enough setbacks to be disheartening. to wit:
    1. drew finished installing the shower, only to be told by the plumbing inspector that he needed to add a tempering valve. this valve leaks. of course.

    2. we painted the floors white, only to have them destroyed by the ongoing construction process - and my inability to understand the utility of dropcloths when i'm...

    3. ...busy painting several coats of the wrong color paint on three separate doors and three windows.

all of this sounds more dreary than it really is, and so i bring you the latest in master bedroom chic:

the stairs, complete with treads (yet to be stained). drew and his coworker peter, who is an incredible woodworker, spent the last two days building the bottom two steps, which are rounded at one end. a really involved process involving, apparently, every tool ever invented.

the stained glass drew's mom gave me for christmas last year. how gorgeous are these? and how did i think i would want to leave those panels behind when we sell the house?

another view, from inside the bathroom.

Master Bedroom 005

the aforementioned "white" floors. with a couple more coats, they should look grand.

drew's closet (right) and the future built-in bookshelf (left) in the bedroom proper.

my closet (right) and the linen clost (left), now featuring doors painted the correct color.

Master Bedroom 008

the sitting room, seen from the bedroom.

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