Sunday, April 26, 2009

curb appeal

so, we've got a few changes to report around here:

we have no kitchen:
Kitchen 5 Drew and his dad pretty much gutted it, drew ran new plumbing, electric and lighting (recessed!), and then he and our wonderful friend stephany installed drywall. this week d finished painting the walls that won't be covered by cabinets (not a lot of square footage there). The paint is my favorite new dove gray, which is essentially the color of unpainted drywall, so it doesn't look like much of a change in the photos:

Kitchen Paint 001

drew turned up the original 1915 linoleum when he pulled out the lower cabinets. unsalvageable, but a cool artifact nonetheless, to be revealed the next time the cabinets are pulled out:
Kitchen 6

the kitchen isn't the only thing missing these days: for a while, we didn't have a front porch. our contractor Majo and his team are replacing the front porch and stairs, and cleaning up the back porch, to enhance the all-important curb appeal:
Porch reconstruction Since this photo was taken, they've replaced the porch floor, roughed in steps, and started rebuilding the columns. i know, i know - i should take pictures. i figure i guarantee another post, and soon, if I don't, however.

My own personal front porch is looking a bit different now, as well:
Jailhouse Bump

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mrsmac said...

you look fantastic lily! congrats again guys!