Saturday, May 07, 2011

mama's day

having the best kind of mother's day weekend: a date-night dinner at dogwood (though we've previously had mixed results on ordering there, last night's was peerless); farmer's market, cooking, and gardening today; another dinner out tonight (this one en famille); and the delicious expectation of breakfast in bed tomorrow. hope everyone else is enjoying a similarly perfect-for-them weekend.

i don't expect much in the way of mother's day gifts, but i do like to give them. for my darling mama, i made a quick sash out of vintage madras and silver silk. it turned out so beautifully that i decided to offer it in the shop. thinking it will be terrific over a plain white t-shirt, or a simple cocktail shift.

my mother-in-law, who is a true gift to all of us in her family, i made a funky little apron that was inspired by one she'd seen and loved of my sister-in-law's. this was a combined easter and mother's day present, hence the spring theme. now that i have a serger, i might actually think about making this again - hemming all those ruffles, while fun, was a bit on the time-intensive side.

happy mama's day!

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