Friday, July 08, 2011

r + d

my crafting friends and i spend a lot of time discussing the joys of the research and development phase of things, versus the enervation caused by being in pure production mode. in other words, it's loads more fun to experiment with new designs than it is to make a bunch of things from a pattern you've already perfected.

before last month's date with the fenton street market, i noodled around with a design for a sash-waist wrap skirt. my noodling around yielded interesting results, but not much in the way of sellable items. the first, at top left, featured two asymmetrical pockets and would only fit the tiniest of women. for the second, top right and on etsy, i abandoned the pockets (i'll return to them when i have more time - nothing beats a hidden pocket, does it?). it was also size tiny but getting closer to what i wanted in terms of fit and function. the last one, below, hit all the style points i was looking for - and i decided to trade it with my sister in law for one of her lovely mei tai baby carriers.
so the good folks at fenton street didn't have much in the way of skirts to consider from me this time around, but i've just loaded up on gorgeous skirt fabrics and come august 27th, look out, silver spring! total skirtapalooza.

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