Friday, February 03, 2012

a little last-minute valentine

these torchy little numbers - hey, it IS an Olympic year! - are a cinch
to make and easily reproduced for a crowd
my little boy and i were playing around the other day with colored cardstock and tissue paper, using it to make paper lanterns in honor of chinese new year, when i started thinking about Valentine's Day. 
lantern-making. and, no, those are not child-safe scissors.
we need to invest in some.
h isn't in school, yet, so we're not at the point where he needs to make valentines for all his classmates, but he does have some special friends and family it would be fun to celebrate this year. i got the idea to make treat cones out of the cardstock, with a tissue "flame." a home-printed tag completes the torch. the best part: all you need is a few supplies you're likely to have lying around.
supplies: heavyweight paper such as cardstock or leftover holiday cards, tissue paper squares
(approximately 6" x 6"), scissors, clear tape or glue, ribbon, hole punch, candy

to make the cones, cut the paper into rectangles - an 8.5" x 11" sheet cut into equal quadrants makes a perfect little cone, but 4" x 6" photos or 4" x 8" holiday cards work well, too. form each rectangle into a cone and secure with tape or strong glue, and decorate as you see fit - my kiddo went wild with the markers. 

this is a great way to repurpose your child's drawings
print and crop the tags, then punch a hole in the top corner of each. (click here to download and print your own "i hold a torch for you!" tags). tape a length of ribbon to the middle back of the cone and attach a tag. 

finally, fill with candy or other treats and top with the tissue paper square. (for these photos, i used hershey's kisses santa had brought us, but will invest in fair trade goodies for those we give away. click here to find out why.)
you can also use this technique to make easy little ornaments
out of last year's holiday cards to hang on this year's tree!
happy valentine's day!


beeps said...

Thanks for a great tutorial! This is such a cute idea--and could easily fill with a candy alternative (like crayons) for those no-candy preschool parties.

lily said...
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