Monday, March 13, 2006

chicken with lemon and caper sauce

this morning i said a quiet but heartfelt "f*** you" to a hairbrush that rolled off the sink and onto my toe. i took that as a sign that i was not thrilled to be back to my chaotic daily existence after nine glorious days on the road.

we had quite an adventure, including camping in 20 degree weather and hiking in 80 degree weather, a trip to the pet ER and a wonderful octogenarian wedding. one of the highlights was going to your dekalb farmers market in atlanta with d's sister and her husband, where we found dried rosemary and sage for a steal and a thousand-gram hunk of greek feta for $2.69.

another was having a meal cooked by my lovely and talented almost-sixteen-year-old sister, m. she gently pan-fried chicken breasts and then layered them with a gorgeous, rich and brightly flavored sauce of lemon, butter and capers. no recipe - she cooks from the hip. very, very cool, and fun to hang out with her and our younger sister, l, who sets a mean table and is a connoisseur of fine cheese (we'd brought a hunk of sage derby from atlanta, and she pronounced it very good).

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