Monday, March 27, 2006

if only speed were legal. and/or safe

ok, so i know i ought to be writing my paper. but last night i went on a blog-reading binge. specifically, i read
every crafty blog i could find.*
and, man, are people doing some cool things out there. i notice that most of them are stay-at-home-mothers. which means i need either to bag all of my gigs post haste, or cease and desist sleeping if i'm ever going to get around to making
the bunny who is earnest or cunning onesies for my wee friends. of course, i haven't even had a chance to take the stained glass-making class that d gave me for my birthday last june. argh.

*because i am only a recently reformed luddite, i will just point out that you can click on any colored text throughout this site to visit other sites i mention. recent experience has suggested that this might be a useful tip.

also, i think i've found b's

in other news, here is what she is doing today while i write:

she also sent an s.o.s email to d, because i didn't get around to taking her for a walk 'till noon:

he sent one back and said that if she was a really good girl and rather patient, there would be some major stick-fetching in it for her.

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