Tuesday, March 28, 2006

water closet visionary

for a really, really long time, my mother has dreamed of creating a comprehensive guide to the best (i.e. cleanest) public restrooms in america. and probably, eventually, the world. she figures it would be an indispensable tool for every road warrior. (and she should know, having spent 2+ months driving around the continental U.S. with my grandmother a couple of years ago.)

now, technology is coming to her aid. according to
this article in this week's new yorker (don't know how long that link will last), an adjunct professor at Rutgers has embarked on the creation of a comprehensive map of public restrooms in manhattan, using Google Maps. looks like it will also be annotated, which is key, because you just don't want any bathroom; you want one with toilet paper AND soap.

oh - i finally finished my paper. i thought it was pretty good until i got to class last night. now i'm pretty sure it's dreadful. oh well. i will console myself with the following website, specifically the "pups" category: http://www.cuteoverload.com/ yes, i am hopeless. in thirty years i will no doubt be wearing kitten sweatshirts.

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