Friday, August 04, 2006

scenes from our mass and vt trip - ok, mostly vt.

the digital camera was out of commision for the first half of our trip, and we've yet to develop the film from d's camera, so here's just a smattering of annotated images from our sojourn to new marlborough, great barrington and environs, and then on to the bethel, vt area for the dooley's pig roast. yeah, it was a while ago. haven't been blogging much.

inside the war memorial on top of mt. greylock, north adams, ma.

drew looking towards new marlborough and new york from the top of the war memorial tower

lily, age 5, on top of mt. greylock

mike and smitty, reckoning with the pig

the day after the roast, when it was too hot and we were too hot to do anything but be in a river

drew, right after he lost his wedding ring while bodily shooting the rapids

what a pig looks like the morning after it has been picked clean by a horde of people. note that the eye is missing. that is because someone ate it at 3 am.

drew holding a miniscule frog we found walking through the fields by mike and corinna's house

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spenser villwock said...

did d. find his ring?