Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ode to aldi

lately i've been telling anyone within earshot about aldi.

the cheap-as-sin german supermarket has an outlet in lovely glen burnie, and i recently made my first pilgrimage there. it's the kind of place that has a bag of 3 romaine hearts for $1.49, two huge boneless, seasoned pork chops for $3.21, chicken broth for 37 cents a can, and - be still my beating heart - ten different varieties of german chocolate. also, you have to bring and/or buy your own bags, bag your groceries, and put a 25 cent deposit down on a grocery cart. they know what they're doing over there.

my trip yielded such goodies as private label nutella (which we've been applying directly to homemade ice cream) and an ungodly number of frozen tilapia fillets for something like $3.

last night, flat out of recipe ideas, i defrosted a couple of fillets, then threw some panko breadcrumbs into a skillet with fresh basil from the garden, crushed red pepper, sea salt, black pepper and a healthy dose of olive oil, ladled the mixture over the fish, and broiled it for 7 minutes in the toaster oven. with a green salad and amstel light, it was the perfect low labor, low heat, low cost summer meal. rock on, aldi, rock on.

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I'm devouring your blog because I just did not get enough of you or your mom this weekend. I'm really not that good in those situations - talk alot to too many, saying nothing. favorite tilapia recipe is to lay out foil, brush with o oil, lay fillets, cover with chopped celery, onion, fresh tomatoes and raisins, cover with foil, seal sides and ends (to make a bag), pop on the grill set on low and cook till bag is all puffed. Delicious. It's a greek recipe which allows for plenty of variation as far as vegies and seasonings are concerned. It's the tomatoes/raisins
(currents work too) that makes it distinctive. Got to go to read more.
I'm sure I'll send more comments later. XOXLibba