Tuesday, May 06, 2008

more scenes from this spring

We have a farm now. Have you heard? We're not actually responsible for the farm, of course; the good folks at Your Backyard Farmer can take that credit. Yes, we're paying people to grow vegetables in our backyard. What can I say? We've got a lot of other things going on, AND we get fresh organic produce delivered to our back door. Literally. They don't just grow, they harvest for us. This shot is the day the farm was planted.

What the farm looks like today, at the beginning of week 3. Every vegetable imaginable is in there, waiting for the right time to emerge.

One of the things that's been keeping Drew busy: taking all of the vinyl siding off the house so that he can reuse the sheet insulation underneath in the attic. And so that we can paint. And so that we don't have ghastly pale blue vinyl siding on our house. And yes, I forgot to notice that the lens on my camera was completely gross, because the f-ing lens cap won't stay on. Hence the "atmosphere" in the picture.

Thanks to Betsy Derrick we had a riot of tulips pop up this spring (check out Flickr for more). Yeah, that peony-looking beauty is a TULIP. Insane.

I love the contrast here, in our front border. I wish I could claim I really thought it out, but I'm not that smart at all when it comes to landscaping. I can't remember what the blue ground cover is. Anconite? Aconite? Euphorbia (the chartreuse rocket to the left) totally rocks. I'll miss it when we head back east.

And this is where I plan to spend as much of my time as possible this summer. It was 75 degrees on Sunday, and with my big alumni weekend thing finally over and *mostly* successful, I spent the majority of the afternoon there. Heaven. Okay, sticky heaven. A word of advice: If you're ever tempted to put oilcloth on a daybed, don't. That stuff is worse than the grey vinyl seats in my mom's 1984 white Chevy Cavalier station wagon. I have no idea what I was thinking on that one.

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mrsmac said...

looks great guys! enjoy the summer!