Tuesday, May 27, 2008

spontaneity, or how we ended up with a fridge on the back porch

You know you've turned a corner in your life when you start spontaneously buying major appliances. This fridge is not the first spontaneous appliance (witness the dishwasher and range currently kicking it in the b-ment). It's just the most inconvenient. For starters, we already had a fridge. In use. And there was no way we were putting the new one in the basement. But at $400 off regular price, we HAD to get it, right? Even if it meant tearing up the brick patio I'd just started getting the hang of. And renting a truck. And pressing our slipper-clad neighbor and her omnipresent handyman into duty to get it out of the truck and into the house. But it's oh so pretty. And now the kitchen around it looks really bad. AND we have a fridge on the back porch, which must make the house shudder with memories of previous owners.
The patio in question. I'd actually already laid a lot of the walk to the basement since I took this picture, but now it's all gone to hell in a refrigerator.
In other news, the farm is thriving. I took this pic 9 days ago and already the lettuce is twice as thick. We might even have a harvest this week. (Tiny inner voice saying "thank goodness." More often than I'd like, I have my doubts about this as an investment.)

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