Sunday, June 08, 2008

bathroom month summer 2008: weekend 1

a couple things of note happened this weekend: first, we began a monthlong surge to finish the upstairs bathroom before both drew's parents and my mom and paul arrive at the beginning of july. and second, the sun came out in oregon. seriously, we are getting slammed this spring with cold, wet weather, and there's no real end in sight, so we're grateful for even a couple of hours of direct sunlight a week. i'm sure our tomatoes and strawberries are grateful as well (the latter have been rotting in place).

so, we're already a day behind, because drywall hanging took two days instead of one. probably because i am craptastic at all things drywall, including but not limited to carrying, measuring and cutting, so drew has to do ALL the work. here he is in action, installing the first of many ceiling panels:

that yellow thing at the front of the frame is the drywall lift. read: best machine EVER.
sun! in portland!
note pawprints on ceiling. huck was extremely helpful, especially when drew was trying to cut the drywall.
despite worrying that the salvage gods would rain down hatred upon me for doing so, i decided to paint the original, unlaquered brass feet of the tub a rich, glossy espresso brown, mostly so the brass wouldn't conflict with the nickel and chrome finishes in the rest of the bathroom. turned out really well, salvage gods be damned.

how things looked as of 6 pm tonight, facing the linen closet and future sites of the tub (left side) and toilet (right). the entire room now has walls! very advanced. next up, mudding.

for more pics, click on the flickr badge at left and then on the "bathroom month, june 2008" set. stay tuned.

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Jim said...

Lily & Drew,
Em sent me to your pictures. I viewed nearly complete bathroom in July 3 blog, and these June progress pics. Great pictures and captions - we really enjoy seeing other people do their houses. Yeah, I polished the interior walls and ceiling of our house yesterday and cleaned all the windows (7, I think). I took over an hour, stopped and drank a beer. Then started planning when I get to do the exterior walls and roof. Probably August? 200 sf floor plan isn't much to keep up with, just right for us.

Love your blog.