Thursday, July 03, 2008

it's a sign of the times, i guess, that i started this post long before i took these pictures, long before we'd gotten as close as we are now to being done, and i STILL feel this way. but looky here, things are definitely coming along:

2008; Portland; Bathroom Month 003 all the major fixtures are installed, except for the shower riser and ring, and they WORK. like, we've been using them and everything. drew gets all the credit for this acheivement.

2008; Portland; Bathroom Month 004 this was our first tiling job ever. it's a little, ahem, uneven in spots, but mostly where it doesn't count, like under the tub. good thing drew talked me out of cutting each of these puppies down to subway-tile size, or I would have had exponentially more opportunities to bungle things.

2008; Portland; Bathroom Month 005 the shower riser will be installed post-inspection. don't tell the inspector.

2008; Portland; Bathroom Month 009 and that shower curtain is a placeholder until our 'custom' blind arrives.

next up: install the pocket door and trim it out, install the stained glass transoms, and finish installing towel bars, etc. then onward and upward with finishing the rest of upstairs, hopefully before we leave for spain in September.

in other (better) news, both drew's parents and my mom and her hub were here this week. so much fun to have them here when portland was at its summery finest. of course it's that much harder to be apart from them when they leave.

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