Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the latest in showering technology

that would be the latest in our family's showering technology. tis helped drew install the shower riser, head and ring, and i, um, "installed" the curtain, a very demanding job.

Bathroom 2008 002

Bathroom 2008 003
i need to hem the bottom of the curtain so that you can see our precious espresso clawtub feet.

we're almost finished with the upstairs drywalling after what feels like 6000 years, and we didn't even do as many coats as planned. i conveniently threw out my back post-st. helens and was half hoping that would mean drew and tis would finish my portion of the drywalling, the large closet and linen closet, but no dice. something about having to see a project all the way through from start to finish to know what i'm really doing. so i'm going to have to conquer my hideous dread of sanding, not to mention my back issues, and do this thing. unless anyone wants to come over and sand for me? please?Upstairs 2008 001

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Jennifer said...

That's a lot of sanding! Have fun with that.