Tuesday, February 02, 2010

a blog in search of a niche

when i first started this blog, i was interested mainly in blogging as a creative outlet, and so my posts were all over the place, with only the slightest whiff of a theme (cooking and crafting) to keep them together. when we moved to portland and began the mother of all craft projects, our house renovation, it made sense to blog about that, especially since so many of our friends and family were 3000 miles away and not able to keep up on the day to day (or even month to month or year to year) changes to our little bungalow. so butimeanwell.blogspot.com became a house blog. and happily so.

now i find myself once again in search of a creative outlet. craft projects have necessarily taken a back seat to this little project.
(and frankly, i'm realizing that i'm much less talented at executing projects than i am at conceiving a need and then googling instructions for them. which isn't to say i'll stop making things, but the world probably does not need to see the set of onesie extenders i made last week.

so i'm ruminating about what to do with the space. link to various stories about humanitarian outrages and wonder, rather anemically, what i can do about them? post my favorite etsy shops? crafts i'd make if i had but world enough and time (and talent)? cool projects others are undertaking? the latest in zoo baby preciousness? marvel over hal's every milestone? or our discovery that this is hilariously, riotously true? maybe a little bit of all of the above....last night's leftovers*, indeed.

*last night's leftovers were, in fact, really tasty. i adapted this recipe, replacing the chorizo and fish with trader joe's seafood sausage, and adding corn and tomatoes with diced chiles for an extra kick. it's nice to cook again...

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