Wednesday, September 09, 2009

as promised...

... the fairly complete before and after in photos. these span the period of march 2007, when we first put a contract on the house, to june 2009, when we left to return to baltimore. we did all of the design (with wonderful insight from designer friends), and drew did the majority of the work himself, with occasional assists from me, and terrific help from our parents, neighbors, and friends. where we sought out professional support: on the major structural stuff - the dormer additions to the second floor, reversal of the staircase, reconstruction of the front and back porches, and roof installation; window and furnace installation; and hardwood floor and wall refinishing on the first floor (the latter was mostly because we ran out of time). itemizing all that we did to the house would no doubt bore everyone to tears, but here's a laundry list of the most significant projects and their timing, as best as i can remember it and in no particular chronological order:

exterior front
installed new roof (fall 2008), new cedar shingled dormers (fall 2007), new front door (spring 2009), new porch floor, rails and stairs (spring 2009). removed vinyl siding and painted original wood siding (2007-2009). dug new front garden beds and planted trees and shrubs (summer 2007).

7827 SE Carlton - front of house
se carlton 001
se carlton 002

first floor
reversed direction and entry point of staircase so that it rose from the dining room to the second story rather than from the kitchen (fall 2007); installed new windows (summer 2007); installed new lighting and electrical (2007-2009); repaired, skim-coated and painted all walls, ceilings and trim (spring 2009); refinished floors (spring 2009); gutted bathroom, installing new marble hex flooring, subway tile shower surround, sink, medicine cabinet, lighting, hardware and fixtures (early 2009); gutted kitchen, sealing up one door, installing french doors to the back porch, and replacing all appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, sink, lighting, hardware and fixtures (spring 2009).

living room before:
Anthropologie House 012
Anthropologie House 015
living room after:
se carlton 006
IMG_7003 (1)
dining room before:
Anthropologie House 018

Anthropologie House 017
Anthropologie House 016
dining room after:
IMG_7007 (1)
se carlton 005
dining room ceiling before:
Dormer Installation Day 1
dining room ceiling after:
se carlton 014
kitchen before (previous owner):
7827 SE Carlton - kitchen
7827 SE Carlton - kitchen3
kitchen after:
se carlton 008
se carlton 015
IMG_7020 (1)
IMG_7019 (1)
IMG_7018 (1)
first floor bath before (previous owner):
7827 SE Carlton - Bathroom2
first floor bath after:
IMG_7026 (1)
se carlton 009
First Floor Bath 034

second floor
120 SF dormer addition, including new windows and skylight (fall 2007); built new bathroom with all new insulation, plumbing and electrical service, new lighting, hardware and fixtures, marble floors, salvaged clawfoot tub and stained glass windows (June 2008); added combination walk-in closet and laundry room (fall 2008); finished staircase with oak treads and stained banisters (fall 2008); sanded and painted softwood floors (winter 2008).

before (previous owner):
7827 SE Carlton - 2nd flr back rm3
7827 SE Carlton - 2nd flr back rm2
7827 SE Carlton - 2nd flr back room facing front rm
7827 SE Carlton - 2nd flr front rm
second floor after:
Master Bedroom 043
se carlton 010
se carlton 011
se carlton 012
Bathroom 2008 002

exterior rear
removed porch enclosure and added wide porch stairs (summer 2007); built new fence (summer 2007); planted trees (summer 2007) and added professionally tended vegetable garden (summer 2008); refinished porch floor and rebuilt porch rails and columns (spring 2009)

backyard before (previous owner):
7827 SE Carlton - Exterior Rear2
backyard after:
se carlton 017

i'm no doubt forgetting something major here, but you get the gist - big project, big fun. now we're off to an even bigger project, building a person rather than a house, but it seems unlikely that this our last major renovation, even if we'll be on hiatus for some time. after all, we have a gaping hole in our bathroom ceiling right now - we just can't seem to buy a "turnkey" house...