Sunday, January 30, 2011

under construction

work continues on our bathroom, as well as this blog - thanks again to beeps peeps for my lovely new banner. our hope is that our lovely new medicine cabinet will be installed this week, finally finishing off the bathroom.* meantime, here's a preview, taken with my increasingly troubled, and therefore blurry, camera. IMG_1379

*nope. not gonna happen. we still don't have the hardware to install the cabinet. meanwhile, drew's beard continues to flourish without benefit of a mirror by which to shave. he might need to take up the mandolin and start a neo-folk band at this rate.


beeps said...

Love the eye chart--especially the Scandinavian character that I would have absolutely no hope of pronouncing!

Andrew Smith said...

its funny where people put there Eye Chart. :) mine, i have my eye chart on the ceiling. every time before i go to sleep i always try to check if my eyes are ok.