Tuesday, January 25, 2011

small things that make me absurdly happy (a tutorial)

i guess i should be pleased that little things can bring me such unabashed pleasure. like our faucet-mounted water filter. every time i don't have to reach into the fridge for the (usually empty) brita pitcher, i am happy all over again that i bit that bullet. the cushion covers that i made for our kitchen stools are another source of absurd delight. once again, cheap ikea cushions, recycled target curtains, and leftover sewing supplies provided the source materials. this was easily a fifteen-minute project.

Materials for one cushion cover
suppliescushions or pillow inserts (mine were a dollar find at ikea)
four 18-24" lengths of ribbon, depending on stool
four buttons
two squares of fabric, each measuring 2" wider and longer than your cushion
scissors, thread, etc.

Step 1
measure your cushion, adding 2" into the width and length. cut your fabric accordingly.
two squares
Step 1 - measure and cut

Step 2
pin right sides together and sew along three sides. in this case, i used the existing hem on my recycled curtains for the fourth side. if your fabric is not already hemmed, you'll want to press the fourth side over by about a quarter inch.

Step 3
finished edge
Step 3 - sew fourth seam
turn right side out, insert cushion into cover, and machine sew as close to the finished edge as possible.

Steps 4 and 5
sewing ties
Step 4 - add ties
Step 5 - add buttons
fold each length of ribbon in half, and attach to each corner with a machine stitch, as shown. add buttons, being careful to center and space them appropriately.

Step 6
finished cushion
a little more country, a lot more comfortable
tie cushions to your bracingly uncomfortable, industrial-chic kitchen stools. resume normal use.
stool in question
cool but crazy uncomfortable

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