Friday, April 08, 2011

had i but world enough, and time

i fear i jumped the gun. i launched {beatrice + the bird} this week with a respectable, if not voluminous, six items. three dresses; three aprons. obviously, i needed more inventory, but i was just so excited. and i have so many plans. and so much fabric (see left for some of the yummy stuff i'm looking forward to using). my shop would be to full capacity in no time.

right. apparently i forgot about how often life interferes with sewing. and about sales. those tend to deplete one's inventory, happily. so the shop is looking a bit sparse, but i'm frantically sewing to catch up. a sewing date with a little party yielded the little number below, which is almost complete. the photo doesn't do it justice - that fabric, Robert Kauffman's Carolina Evening chambray, is the most spectacular marine blue. it's so pretty, i'm thinking i might have to offer this dress with a bonus removable fabric corsage, and it will be the perfect dress to wear to a summer evening wedding.

next on the list: a long-overdue order for my dear godmother, and then i'm going to play around with a couple of accessory ideas and see what sticks. yep, the shop is gonna be full in no time. i just need to stop sleeping.

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beeps said...

I'm laughing, but also, I disagree. I don't think you jumped the gun! If we wanted a shop that was instantly filled to capacity at launch, we'd go to WalMart. Onward and upward, b&tb!